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BHC Season 11    12th Jan - 22 March 2024

We are already planning some interesting sessions including:

a joint conference on Zoom "Atlantic Links - Next steps in Reparation" between Brown University, UWI and Bangor University, with an input from the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and the National Trust - custodians of Penrhyn Castle, also the Henry George Foundation.


Yale University professor emerita of American and African American studies Hazel V. Carby has considered how one negotiates ancestral ties to two islands intimately entangled by empire, Britain and Jamaica. Her new book, Imperial Intimacies: A Tale of Two Islands, is her answer to that question.



Laura Trevelyan 9.30 EST (2.30pm UK)  on January 26th

- talk about the archival project you are involved in, aimed at digitizing the early records of slavery held in Jamaica, Barbados and Antigua, making them publicly available for descendent communities worldwide.

and Jonathan Greenland, Director of the Museum of Jamaica, ??

Laura says : I am working on a new podcast with the Labour MP Clive Lewis, which launched yesterday (adding to the chaos of Friday!) and there’s a lot of studio time scheduled which makes it hard to fit other UK engagements in given I live in a different time zone. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/heirs-of-enslavement/id1714812668

If it’s OK with you, I’d like to talk to your group about an archival project I am involved in, which will be aimed at digitizing the early records of slavery held in Jamaica, Barbados and Antigua, so they’re publicly available for descendent communities worldwide. If you think this will be of interest to the group - then I’d be delighted to speak in January.

I don’t wish to speak further about the Trevelyans and Grenada, as I don’t have anything else to say on that one, as you can probably imagine. 

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for sharing the podcast links! Yes, would be happy to talk to the Glasgow academic’s masters students.

If it’s possible for me to join at 9.30 EST (I have a regular meeting which runs 8-9 EST on Fridays) on January 26th that would work well, thanks. Delighted to hear Jonathan was going to join! 

All best,



Atinuka has agreed to join us to talk about her latest book:

Atinuka's latest book - via Bloomsbury agent Grace Ball

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