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BHC Season 10 Sept - Dec 2023

So much has happened in the world of Black History since George Floyd’s murder rocked the world - inequality has not disappeared or racism, but awareness of, and information about Black History, Black achievement and our shared history of colonisation and exploitation is certainly better known and been reconsidered in many Museums and other Civic buildings and sites, by the National Trust, Churches and Banks etc and other places 

Even King Charles lll is exploring if the Royal Family may have had links with slavery and exploitation of Africa - gosh that’ll wont be hard to find - the word ‘royal’ in the Royal Africa Company might be a good starting point! 

We are planning for a launch event from 2-4 on Friday 29th Sept to start Season 10 and launch the first sessions as part of Black History Month 2023. This will be led by the North Wales Jamaica Society, showcasing their link with the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle in Wales and their work on the shared history of the Pennant family in plantations in Jamaica. 

29 9 23   Season 10 Launch event: The Jamaica Box

# 115 -  6 10 23

# 116 -  13 10 23 


# 117 - 20 10 23

# 118 - 27 10 23 

Dr Alexander Scott - From Liverpool to Lampeter and Back: Reseaarching and Curating Transatlantic Slavery 

- the developments at the International Slavery Museum and the exciting possibilities - check email.

#119 - 3 11 23
- we will take a break this week .... but if you want to join Liz informally to a chat email lizmillman@yahoo.co.uk

#120 - 10 11 23  at 2pm in UK / 9am in Jamaica / 10am in NY
                          ‚Äčand 1am in Melbourne.

Laura Trevelyan -  The Heirs of Slavery - owners and enslaved workers - with an update on this initiative and research of families 

#121 - 17 11 23 

Kate Phillips - author Bought and Sold (Luath Press 2022)   katephillips1@mac.com


#122 - 24 11 23   

Kate Simpson of University of Sheffield and David Livingstone Centre about the book she is writing about the women on Livingstone's expeditions. kathryn.simpson@sheffield.ac.uk   

#123 - 1 12 23  

Nigel Slater will talk about the Troubadour Slave ship and its legacy, as well as his book The Legacy of Slavery in Britain

#124 - 8 12 23

We hope to find out about the new museum in the UK - The Museum of Diversity (https://museumofdiversity.com/) which is planning to get one place with the whole story of Black History.  Troy Richards, is the the Director of the project and we are in touch with him


We have asked Natalie Fagan Brown to share her research into the History of Black Hair 


Other ideas for Seasons 10 / 11 / 12 include:


Linda Baumgarten - clothing enslaved people.


History of Black Hair: - Natalie Fagan Brown 


Kate Williams or Ruby Williams (daughter?) https://www.worldafroday.com/


Robert Burroughs - Black Students in North Wales


Daniel Johnson to do a Black History Presentation on Reggae Music - JE

He is featured in the programme of the Windrush Event at the University of Northampton Windrush Celebration 30th June 2023.


?? Miranda Kaufman - research in Jamaica  LM 


?? The Grand Egypt Museum - LM and ??


The Barbados Challenge - as featured on TV in Australia:

Foreign Correspondent - Barbados: Who Should Pay?

Barbados was the first British slave society in the Caribbean. Now, two years after becoming a republic, there is a growing demand for institutions and the descendants of slave owners to make amends for the sins of the past. Drax Hall:  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-09-14/barbados-reparations-foreign-correspondent/102840820


Right to a Voice - Australian referendum  - In just over 4 weeks, Australians will be asked an important question:   "A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Do you approve this proposed alteration?"

If the Australian voters choose to answer Yes, then they can take a step forward together as a country, and build support for solutions that First Nations peoples have long campaigned for......  but there is a strong No Campaign! 


Developments at International Slavery Museum in Liverpool and the explort of textiles - Alex 


Our common human prehistory in Africa - Simon Ferrigno



The African Institute - and the autograph book

Robert Burroughs - Black Students in imperial Britain 


The Young Historians Project is helping to ensure that Lulu Coote’s work in twentieth-century Britain is remembered


Plantation owners and enslaved workers - research of families - The Heirs of Slavery

?? Trevellian 


24th Nov:  kathryn.simpson@sheffield.ac.uk    Kate Simpson of University of Sheffield and David Livingstone Centre and she is writing a book about the women on Livingstone's expeditions. 


Mazine Berg and Pat Hudson’s great new book on Slavery, Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution 

Lancaster - 4th largest Slaving Port


Last session in December: ?? History of African Fashion 

?? Fée Uhssi to present on African Fashion and Textiles - link via Simon Ferrigno 

Fée Uhssi presents The African Fashion and Textiles Experience - A series of 6 Free monthly educational and interactive creative workshops starting on Saturday 23rd September 2023 as part of Wandsworth Council's Black History 365

~~~~~~~~~~~~  OTHER IDEAS 

Audrey's book 


Slavery stole Africans’ ideas as well as their bodies: reparations should reflect this


Updates on initiatives as Black Lives Matter changed perspectives:

Statue removal or explanation 

Museum reviews and return of stolen goods

European empires and impacts - eg  Dutch royal apology

Exploring approaches to local Black History research

Updates on initiatives inspired as Black Lives Matter changed perspectives:

Country by Country - Black History stories - eg Scramble for Africa, invsion of Australia

South Africa 

The Our Island Stories: Country Walks through Colonial Britain   by Corinne Fowler | 28 Sept 2023



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