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BHC 2023 Prospective speakers 

I hope that you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue but your email below was forwarded on to me as I work as the University Archivist at Durham University. This role is partly funded by the Race Equality Charter to research into the history of Durham University, income derived from slavery, and it’s links with colonialism. Details of the project can be found here: Library and Collections - Durham University. I wondered whether you would be interested in me joining a future Black History Conversations session and speaking about this research? It would be really useful to be able to share news of this project and to hear from other participants about any comments, suggestions, concerns that they might have. I’m keen to engage with historians (whether academic or community-based) as much as possible to help develop this project.

Let me know if this is possible and how I can sign up.

Thanks,   Jonathan

Dr Jonathan Bush  University Archivist    Durham University | University Library and Collections

Palace Green Library  T: +44 (0)191 334 1219

E: jonathan.bush@durham.ac.uk


As promised (and slightly later than I was planning), here are a list and email addresses of the academics working in this field, some of whom I’ve been in contact with and others that I haven’t.


Dr Stephen Mullen (University of Glasgow): stephen.mullen@glasgow.ac.uk

Dr Natalie Zacek (University of Manchester): natalie.a.zacek@manchester.ac.uk

Prof William Whyte (St John’s College, Oxford): william.whyte@sjc.ox.ac.uk

Dr Richard Stone (University of Bristol): richard.stone@bristol.ac.uk

Geraldine Hunwick (Newcastle University): Geraldine.hunwick@newcastle.ac.uk


There are other universities who are doing similar research (Dundee and Liverpool for example) but I don’t have any contacts for these. Hope that helps in any case!


Hi Liz

Here's more detail of the stolen Etiopian Tabots and suggestions for action following from my talk

Follow up on How Black Lives Matter Makes Black Culture Matter Presentation:

Two stories from goods stolen from Maqdala, Ethiopia which I suggest are worth writing to MPs and addressing or connecting with, search social media to join in the debate for their return.

Human Story

The story of Prince Alemayehu whose father committed suicide rather than be taken by the British, he was stolen along with the other Maqdala treasures, is a very powerful with a tragic end with his death in England, the requests for the return of his body by the Ethiopian government continue to be ignored. His image and life story are to be found on the Royal Collection Trust web site. 

Religious Story

Sacred Tabots only to be viewed by Ethiopian priests were stolen. Westminster. Abbey and British Museum have them. Not on display. Refuse to return to Ethiopia. Held under lock and at the British Museum As for Westminster Abbey they are refusing to return objects stolen from another Christian country. King Charles III is under pressure to return the Tabots in Westminster Abbey.



Michael I. Ohajuru FRSA

Senior Fellow Inst of Commonwealth Studies


Also from  michael@ohajuru.com
079 40 50 79 00

The John Blanke Project
Imagine the black Tudor trumpeter

To see how far the John Blanke Project’s come and where it’s going check out JohnBlanke.com or Twitter or  Facebook

The Book of the Project is coming soon...with your help!


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