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Stanley and his legacy in Central Africa

Remembering July 2016, when a delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo visited Wales to trace the links between the two countries, with a focus on   two towns, Colwyn Bay - the site of the African 

Institute, and Denbigh, the  home town of 19th century explorer and journalist Henry Morton Stanley.

  See one or other of these two short videos of their visit:



The UNESCO Project fim "Kongo and the Scramble for Africa" - History Of Africa with Zeinab Badawi [Episode 19] can be viewed CLICK HERE 

In this episode Zeinab Badawi travels to Angola, DRC and Congo in central Africa to bring the history of the great Kongo Empire. She hears about the critical role played by women in African history such as Queen Nzinga who battled the Portuguese for a quarter of a century in the 1600s and a few decades later Kimpa Vita who was burned alive after her failed resistance. Why were Africans unable to resist the tide of European control? One woman of nearly 100 relates her memory of Belgian rule in the Congo, during what became known as the 'Scramble for Africa’.


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