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Friday 20th November

Click HERE  to watch or listen to this Lunchtime Conversation 

Prof Geoff Palmer, Prof Sati Fwatshak from Jos University in Nigeria:and Jamaican poet Yasus Afari will be joining us:

.... this week we have Jamaican Prof Sir Geoff Palmer (See more about Geoff Palmer here) who has been a campaigner for many years in Scotland to get the stories of Scotland’s role in the Slave Trade in conversation with Jamaican poet Yasus Afari. 


We also welcome Sati Fwatshak, Professor of History, from the University of Jos, in Nigeria, who will be speaking about his current work. 

We will also share Yasus Afari’s poem ‘My Mother Who Fathered Me’ which is on YouTube. 

More information:

12 11 2020  Edinburg Evening News:  "Scotland’s first black professor Sir Geoff Palmer has been appointed lead a review of Edinburgh’s statues and street names which commemorate those with close links to slavery.

The city council announced Sir Geoff, who is a leading human rights activist, would chair the Edinburgh Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group, which is due to meet for the first time before the end of the year.

The move comes in the wake of protests over the Melville monument in St Andrew Square, which commemorates 18th century Home Secretary Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, who is seen as responsible for delaying the abolition of slavery in Britain by 15 years from 1772 to 1807."

Also check out YouTube for a number of other interviews and cilps of Sir Geoff Palmer explaining about Scotlands links with Black History eg

Sir Geoff Palmer OBE: Scotland and the Slave Trade: Henry Dundas Statue

And the Alex Salmon programme that focusses on Sir Geoff Palmers life.


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