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Liz Millman lizmillman@yahoo.co.uk

Research interests currently: History of Pennants community in Jamaica and anything to do with Black History.

Liz is one of the team of Directors of Learning Links International www.learninglinksinternational.com and Secretary of the North Wales Jamaica Society, www.nwjsonline.com and is also a founder and secretary of Jamaica Heritage Links (formally known as Jamaica 2000) www.jamaica2000.co.uk

Liz has been active in Black History Month activities for many years, in the FE Colleges she worked in, as well as in North Wales where she worked with Yasus Afari to establish Black History Month in North Wales www.bhmnw.co.uk

For more about Liz Click Here

Liz feels there is still so much work to do on this and now is the time to do it!


David Alston: davidalston77@gmail.com    Research interests: Colonial Connections & North East Scotland 

Born and brought up in the Highlands, David Alston is a freelance historian and author who has been a youth worker in Toxteth (Liverpool), a schoolteacher in Wallsend (Tyneside), and (in the Highlands) an adult education organiser, a museum curator, a local authority councillor, and chair of an NHS Board. For 20 years he has been researching the role of northern Scots in the slave-worked plantations of the Caribbean, especially Guyana. He is among the first Scottish historians to address the issue of Scotland’s involvement with slavery.


Slaves & Highlanders: Sharing my research on Highland Scots and the slave plantations of Guyana www.spanglefish.com/slavesandhighlanders/


Simon Ferrigno 

Researcher and writer on sustainability, Sustainable & Organic Farm Systems,

Tel: 07940 462 311 or 01332 585 523, skype simon_ferrigno

Simon Ferrigno is a writer and researcher on sustainability with a focus on cotton, with 20 years experience in the field. He also works on Black Heritage projects with refugees and migrants from Africa in the UK at Belong Nottingham, is Chair of European Movement Derbyshire and editor of the online newspaper Central Bylines. 

Simon's writing can be found at www.ecotextile.com and in the print magazine.

Simon Ferrigno is also:

- Chair, European Movement Derbyshire (Remain in/Rejoin the EU)

- Project manager, Belong Nottinghamh www.belongnottingham.co.uk

- Editor, East Midlands Bylines www.eastmidlandsbylines.co.uk

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