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Jean Samuel L Mfikela      

Contemporary Painter

Mfikela Jean Samuel is an African Contemporary Artist who now resides permanently in North Wales.

He has travelled for artistic exploits Across Europe and Africa and his paintings have been exhibited through out the world in both public and private Galleries and other cultural events.

His primary medium is Acrylic on Canvas, but he occasionally works with Artist Oil Colours.

Mfikela Jean Samuel’s primary source of inspiration comes from his African Cultural Heritage especially the ways of life of his lineage both past and present. His brush strokes, bold and vibrant colours depicts the vast richness of his diverse Cultural story.

He also uses historical and contemporary themes where fact, imagination and illusions are brilliantly depicted. His art can be dramatic. Subtle, large or small but often captures simplicity and context thus reflecting a true Artistic insight.

Mfikela Samuel considers himself as an African contemporary Artist (Painter) inspired by his African heritage.

He is visibly proud of his culture and ways of life of his roots. He sees and uses visual art as a means of communicating his experiences, thoughts, imaginations , regrets , wishes and dreams to the World.

Once he was asked why he preferred to be seen as an African Contemporary Artist and he answered: ‘’Because I am just that’’

Check out examples of his work on Race Council Cymru's BHM Artists site:   https://bhmwales.org.uk/artists/listing/mfikela-jean-samuel/

And also check the PowerPoint of his work presented in the second session  Click HERE

And also check 'One to One Africa' for an indepth interview Click HERE


Mfikela Jean Samuel has also launched 'International Talent Outreach'

Please see his message to those who took part in the launch in Nigeria in December 2020 


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